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Post  Hazza on Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:44 pm

In game Name: Hazza
Byond Key: Hazbo_12
Age: 13
Availability:In School Breaks and Weekends I am available from 10-12AM to 2-4AM. On Weekdays I am availably from 3-4PM to 8-10PM.
Experience:In the past I was the co-owner of pokemon omega final.
Staff Place: Any
Reason of Appsication: I am applying to join staff because I play this game alot so I could help pretty much all the time.
Most of the time I am on there is only sin on which is AFK probably because of coding and stuff, alot of the time people ask for events and break rules which stresses them out I however don't get annoyed easily and don't hold a grudge, so most people on the game I am friends with.
I know that I have not said that I can code, icon, host ect. but I can just help when there are bugs or just simple help with info or give ranks to TL's or GL's.

Thank you for reading my application, I hope i get picked.


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