Laura saying Hey and her Staff App <3

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Laura saying Hey and her Staff App <3 Empty Laura saying Hey and her Staff App <3

Post  CrimsonAlchemistLaura on Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:52 am


Now then back to the Heavy Mo weak stuff...
Im back...
Yup...Thats right...
But i do have a slight problem...
Been trying to get onto byond for like the past hour NOTHING WORKS GOD DAMMIT!

Erm so yea...

In game Name: Anything from Laura to TheKeyblade:Oathkeeper...(MY NEW ONE IS GONNA BE CRIMSONALCHEMISTLAURA)
Byond Key: CrimsonAlchemistLaura, PokeBreederLaura
Age: 15 (Just turned 15 yay ^.^)
Availability: Define Availability...If by availability you mean. I am on. It will be a lot.... especially on Weekends
Experience:Experience... Well im almost positive that a lot of the staff already know me and want me back already. But no this will be my first time moderating :3
Staff Place: Any (Except for the love of god Sins bitch)
Reason of Appwication: (Yes i spelled Application like Appwication to make it seem cuter for more browny points :3) Welll. I just wanna have fun on byond again. I tried getting into it again like a few weeks back but PDQ wasnt up Sad and another reason. I love this game and community were all so friendly. So Yea. Hate you Roxas ^.^ and Sin you totally still havnt eaten my soul :3

You guys are awesome for reading this life story of the famous rare pokemon "Laura"
teeheehee maybe ill get choosen to be one destined for greatness...Get it...Destined...Destiny Quest...

Laura :3


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