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Post  Kurei Hitaka on Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:03 pm

To encourage people to use their favorites instead of just what's OP'd, I thought up a little idea to balance out wild stats.

The pokemon in the game can be split into 4 tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rares, and Legendary. Each tier has a varying level of strength, Common being the weakest, and Legendaries being the strongest.

Common Pokemon:

Hp Range: 125~400
Attack Range: 50~140
Defense Range: 50~140

Uncommon Pokemon:

Hp Range: 175~650
Attack Range: 80~180
Defense Range: 80~180

Rare Pokemon(Starters fall in this category):

Hp Range: 225~800
Attack Range: 100~200
Defense Range: 100~200


Hp Range: 1,100
Attack Range: 200
Defense Range: 200

"But all pokemon spawn at different levels!" Yeah, thought about that already. Just set a variable on the wild pokemon to where once captured, their level = 5. This would also prevent the oh-so-tempting ploy of catching lv 15+'s to require less exp per level lol.

Now, onto gains per level...these are a bit too random in some cases. A lot of times your pokemon gains absolutely no stats as well. What I think should be set up is a scale that affects all pokemon equal.

Hp: +10~20 per level.
Attack: +1-3 per level
Defense: +1-3 per level

Could also if you feel like bothering add a critical gain system where the pokemon has a 5% chance of proccing a critical gain and doubling the amount of each stat earned for that level up.

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