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Post  CelestialLaura on Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:06 am

Well I guess I should start of with who I am.

Many of the older players will have remembered me as the once soaring high Flying Gym Leader or even before that as the Gem of the Frozen Water Pokemon.
But alas, I went on a hiatus for many a month and have finally found my way back here to the home of Destiny.

And I am writing here right now to say, what about Pokemon Contests? Yes, this game does indeed do contests but there are not many people right now so the Contests have not been going as regularly as I had hopped.

So what to do? Well, have no fear for Laura is here that's right, i shall be hosting your Pokemon Contests with your Pokemon RP skills so remember, sure battling can be fun, but why not take a break and compete in a Pokemon Contest. For some Contests there may be prizes other times just for fun. If you have any questions just message me on the forum.

Remember, contests don't require brute strength like battles, but care and a heart worth going for.


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