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Starting Off:

When you first begin the game after you enter your charaters name and Gender, you'll wind up in Professor Shinn's Lab. Talk to him and he will give you a quick description and location of Main places that you will go to when you play the game. After you talk to him he will give you a list of starter pokemon to choose from.

(None Byondmembers)May pick from:

-Porygon(<--LOL yeah its in there)
-Pikachu(<-Gotta stay with the classics)
-Or a Masterball

(Byondmembers)May pick from:

-Riolu(Member Extra)
-Glameow(Member Extra)
-Or three Masterball's(Member Extra)
Starting my adventure:

After you get your Starter Pokemon you receive 5000$ and rank up to Starter trainer
Walk out of his lab and you will see a NPC. NPCs are marked with the floating green arrow. You may have noticed this on Prof. Shinn.Sanders is the mission NPC, currently only 2 mission are available(ill go into detail later). Walk out a little further and you will see 2 more things.
1. A House
2. A Pokemart
When the game first started the house was the starting point instead of shinn's lab, so its not really important. What is important is that we found a pokemart and can now buy some pokeballs. Walk inside the mart and you will find 3 guys, each of them sell a different type's of items.
Seller 1: Sells general items such as potions and pokeballs. There are many types of pokeballs to buy each with a different ability. (for example net ball is better at catching bugs and water type).Get 10 of whatever pokeball's you want.
Seller 2: Sells Evolution Stones such as Sire stone,Water stone etc.
Seller 3: Sells items that you have to buy with tokens. You get tokens buy winning events such are tourneys and contest. He sells all kinds of things from masterballs to rare pokemon.
Fighting Time!:

WOO! We caught a sentret! *does the ash spin*. Now lets start training it! But wait O_O.....I dont have my pokemon train verb D: .Also the whole just bumping into pokemon was taken out as well and was replaced by the pokemon attack verb(This verb may get replaced with real pokemon moves) the verb can easily be macro-ed by typing Pokemon-Attack in the byond macro list.
SENTRET, I CHOOSE YOU(you can edit or ake your own pokemon sendout and return text)!.......wild pokemon appears. lawl now its time to battle all you do is run up to the pokemon while clicking pokemon attack(or pressing your macro) and you begin to deal damage to it. Simple,right....good. Now, lets say your sentret(or what ever pokemon your using) win's. You will gain some money and your sentret will have gained itself a nice chunk of exp.

Its all about location. Knowing where you are and where your going so you dont end up in OOC saying "WHERE IS IT!!!?!111" .-. yeah Tena and I saw it happen seen it happen.Here are the locations of all the gyms and bases

Gyms on central:

Bug Gym:First one you see when you start the game just follow the path
Poison Gym- head up from bug gym till you get to the house then go left
Fire Gym- Same direction as poison but you go a little farther left
Flying Gym- Go up from bug gym and left then go up again
Ghost Gym-Just go right from bug gym till you get it
Elec Gym- Go into the cave above the boat. Once you get out of the cave from the other side go down
Fighting Gym- Same as elec but go down further
Dragon Gym- Same as fighting but go down FURTHER then go left into the first opening
Rock Gym-Same as fighting xD, but this time go down further and theres a opening to your left right above psy gym which is at the bottom
Psy Gym- same as fighting just go straight to the bottom

Gyms on battle island:

Water Gym- When you get out of the boat you should see it
Normal Gym- Go straight up from water gym then go right until you hit the water then go up
Grass Gym- Go up from water gym then ALL THE WAY to the left
Eevee- Same as normal but instead of going to the water just go up from the grass before the water.

Gyms on snowport island:
Ice Gym- Just go up from the boat and you will see it

Bases on central:

Ranger- Up from shinn's lab then right then up the bridge
Galactic- Below ghost gym
Rocket-left of flying gym
Magma- Past the cave below fight gym is the 3rd/4th opening on the left

Bases on Battle island:

Aqua: Below grass gym

Made by the great Tena!


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