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Post  Ruben69 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:18 am

Hello,I am Rubeniamy.

In game Name:Rubeniamy
Profession:I am Student.
Reason:I think this is the best Pokemon Game in all Byond.I know a lot about the game and i can help a lot,I am online a lot of time and i have pretty Experience like Staff.I always am inviting people and when people have game questions i try to help them.I Can be a good Staff

Well i am Staff of some BYond Games.
NAruteros V3:Owner in 3 servers,and Gm in other one.
Bleach Soul of Caos:Owner
Naruto Game:Gm
Naruto Ninja Attack:(i was Host but i Can't host now becaouse i have Router)Gm
Naruto Birth of Legendary Shinobi:owner
Naruto The Last Generation Of Online Adventures:i was Host,Owner and Creator with a Friend.
And Pokemon Battle Force:Admin

I have a lot of Experience

This is all my Post Many Thanks for reed Them.
Very Happy Very Happy


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